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Our location

Warm welcome

Tanzstudio Hip-Twist GmbH – Ulm-Sölfingen
Magirus-Deutz-Straße 10
D-89077 Ulm


AutULMn Swing WEB-TWSL-8676.jpg
AutULMn Swing WEB-TWSL-8638.jpg
AutULMn Swing WEB-TWSL-9145.jpg


With free parking right in front of our entrance, the proximity to the A7 and A8 as well as numerous federal highways, we offer ideal travel comfort.


Our dance studio offers a wide range of drinks and small meals during the workshops. If you are really hungry, there are numerous small restaurants in the beautiful Söflinger area, which can be easily reached in just 5 minutes on foot. In addition, the Blautalcenter with its "dining room" is located directly behind the city shelf.

overnight stay

B&B Hotel, Ehingerstr. 11 (approx. 3 minutes by car)

Hotel & Restaurant Löwen, Klosterhof 41 (approx. 5 minutes walk)

Lago Hotel & Restaurant, Friedrichsau 50 (approx. 10 minutes drive)

Economy Hotel, Blaubeurerstr. 63 (approx. 2 minutes driving time)

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