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 Jula Palenga

Tschen Fung discovered dancing at the age of 16. Since then it has been an indispensable part of his life.
He started with the classical dances; first as a hobby, then as a sport. He danced tournaments up to the Bundesliga before he discovered the wonderful West Coast Swing. From then on everything else was 'just' a dance for him, but the West Coast was his passion. He attended event after event, took private lessons and danced into the morning hours. West Coast Swing brought a breath of fresh air into his life and was indispensable.
Passion, emotions, fun, ambition, freedom, variability, musicality. West Coast Swing has all of this in common.
The young ADTV dance teacher is currently teaching in Erding and spreading the joy that West Coast Swing brings with it. His motto for this dance is:
"Don't be the best dancer, be the best partner."
He teaches and dances under this motto. He pays great attention to the leadership of the leader and the safety of the follower. Having fun is his top priority.


Jula Palenga discovered her passion for dancing as a little girl. From children's dance, jazz, ballet, standard and Latin dance, she came to West Coast Swing 5 years ago.
She travels the world to events, takes lessons from various WCS champions and teaches this dance several times a week as part of her training to become an ADTV dance teacher in Freiburg.
She is enthusiastic about the non-verbal conversation, the musical possibilities of expression and the individual freedom that this extraordinary dance offers.
Since November 2018 she has been the reigning "German Vice-Champion" in Jack´n Jill and "German Champion" in Strictly.
"I love it when I see what two people hear in the music and what they feel with it and I'm really looking forward to being part of Swingmany!"

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